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Phi Architects commissioned to prepare a Feasibility Report for a Passiv Haus in Todmorden on the site of a 1970s dwelling

Phi has completed a design appraisal for extending a Special Support school for Autism, with options for new classrooms and reconfigured classroom spaces with adjacent one to one spaces.

Phi attended the 17th International Passiv Haus Conference in Frankfurt in April 2013 including a tour around a Passiv Haus Gymnasium,  Apartment building  and 16,000m² School campus

Hawthorn Grove extension featured in Ideal Home magazine April 2012 edition


Phi has been appointed as Architect and Certified Passiv Haus Designer for their first Passiv Haus private dwelling on a sub-urban infill site in Stockport.

Phi has been commissioned to design a garden pavilion to provide a multi-use gym, sauna, and office space for a private house in Wilmslow

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