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Passiv Haus:

Sara became interested in the energy standard, Passivhaus, started in Germany by Wolfgang Feist to promote the concept of housing without heating (or cooling) by optimising the buildings fabric and using a heat recovery ventilation system. This standard is becoming increasingly popular in this country for self-builders and housing associations are also moving in this direction. Sara is now a Certified Passiv Haus Designer after passing this German exam at BRE through the Passiv Haus Designer course and is able to model buildings using the Passiv Haus Planning Package software. If you are interested in building a new dwelling to this standard or to refurbish an existing dwelling along these principles, please contact us to discuss your project.

Energy Audits and Renewable Technologies:

If you are considering upgrading your home thermally, we can provide independent advice on the most cost effective methods of reducing your heat losses. If you would then like to go one step further and utilize a renewable technology to provide electricity, hot water or recycled water to reduce your water usage; we can offer advice on the most appropriate solution for your location and building orientation.